Little train rides

The Little Electric Train runs from 1 June to 19 September 2021.

The Little Train offers two circuits to discover the city centre and the Medieval City of Carcassonne. The first circuit links the Square André Chénier to the Cité Médiévale. The second one links the Medieval City to André Chénier Square. The Petit Train offers you an original opportunity to admire many atypical and historical places such as the Square André Chénier, the Place Davilla, the Cathedral Saint-Michel, the Portail des Jacobins, the Dôme, the Bridge, the Pont-Vieux, the Rue Trivalle without forgetting the Cité Médiévale. The monuments of Carcassonne will no longer hold any secrets for you! From your Bed and Breakfast La Villa-Carcassonne you will have to go to the Medieval City to catch the train.

Price for a tour : 4€

Price for two tours: 6€.

Tickets can be purchased from the driver or on the RTCA mobile application.

Payment by credit card is available on board the vehicle.

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